Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Well, this is my very first Tackle It Tuesday!

I have decided to tackle the laundry room. Actually, the pile of stray socks in the laundry room. I had a pile on the dryer and on the floor in the corner. The laundry room is so small that when one sock got lost, the other one just got “filed” in the pile. And since I am trying to get organized, this is one of my jobs I wanted to take on. I actually started this project on Monday, does it still count?
Here are the BEFORE Pics:

Okay, so I am done. It didn’t even take that long, don’t know why I have been waiting and procrastinating on doing that chore.

Anyway, I found 7 pairs of socks for me and my son and 5 pairs for my husband. The rest that didn’t have matches got tossed out. Don’t know where they are? And considering they have been in that pile, forever, we must not need them.

I just love this Tackle It Tuesday idea. It makes me feel like I have been given a challenge that I can actually achieve.
Look at the AFTER Pics:

Okay, well I am off to find out what else I can Tackle!

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Blog ya later!


Celeste said...

Very good!

Lisa said...

Great tackle! Looks great. :o)

Jennifer said...

Great job - laundry rooms are great tackles. Mine came from the laundry room today. And I love the Tuesday tackles too - this was my second one.

Mona said...

Wonderful job!! You did great! I have a drawer that I keep extra socks in, I check the drawer after every load of laundry and it keeps it down...however, the "lost-its-partner" pairs are starting to gain on me! Time to find them or toss them!

Keep up the great work!

Jennelle said...

Tackle it Tuesday sounds like a great idea [I'm gonna have to check that out 'n maybe join in!]

Good job with the laundry [that's something I dread doing but not sure why. *lol*]