Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

On this Tuesday, I decided to tackle the bathroom vanity. Between the hair, toothpaste, contact solution and Mary Kay products, it stays a mess. And I know the hairdryer is still in the sink, I need something to hang it on. Will start that search this week. If anyone knows about anything, let me know.

I just love Tuesdays now. Go check out more tackles on www.5minutesformom.com or by clicking on the above link.

Blog ya later!


Nancy said...

Great job! The bathroom seems to be such a magnet for "stuff".

Jan said...

Looks great!!!! Come do mine now! LOL!

Karen said...

Your vanity looks great!

We live in an older home with outdated electrical wiring. If there is to much power being pulled, we'll flip a breaker quickly. So, guess where my hair dryer is......the back porch. Yes, I go out of the back porch every morning to dry my hair so I won't be competing with other electrical items. When it's not in use, it sits on the clothes dryer.

All that to say, a hair dryer sitting in the sink looks good to me! :)