Sunday, March 25, 2007

Haven't Posted in a While!

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while.

This week has been really slow. I was sick on Thursday, stayed home from work. My son had iLeap tests this week. Turkey season started so needless to say have hardly seen my husband this weekend. He killed one yesterday, none today. We did have a "date night" last nite. Went to Saturday service at church. Stopped by mom's to see how she is doing since the surgery (she had a neck lift), then we had dinner at DeAngelo's. After that we went and bought a new dresser and shelf for our bedroom.

Since me and Tommy got married, his clothes don't fit anywhere. We share six drawers in our one dresser and we each have two drawers in the nightstands. Clearly not enough, so hopefully this will help. Stay tuned, this may be my "Tackle It Tuesday" project this week.

I did wash and vacuum out my car yesterday, it was so beautiful outside. About 80 degrees and sunny. Summer is almost here, I can't wait.

I did redo my "My Space" page, go check it out:

Well, I guess I better get off here so I can go start getting the new furniture in the bedroom and get it organized.

Blog ya later!

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