Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I just would love to know how people do it today. Live, I mean. How do people afford to buy a house, have two or more cars, and then the everyday expenses of life: groceries, insurance (auto and health), etc. And still have money to go to the mall, or out to eat, etc.

I have just decided to get new health insurance b/c my company does not cover it for employees and I will be paying $ 300 a month just for myself with maternity. And our bills are already so scattered and hard to keep up with as it is. I feel ashamed when I look back at our checkbook and have to ask where does all our money go?

We have two cars, with insurance on both, house with insurance and taxes to pay on it, everyday expenses plus our necessary bills to keep a house up. Plus I have a 13 year old, and me and my husband both have tobacco habits. I just don't understand how people do it.
We would like to buy a new house within the next year, and have a baby, but I seriously do not know how we will make it. I know, God will not give us more than we can handle, but I don 't know how we can handle much more.

It seems like every time we feel like we are getting ahead, or we feel like okay we have some extra let's go buy "whatever", and then afterwards something happens to make you feel guilty that you bought this item. Just like my furniture, which we desperately needed. We bought a new dresser for our bedroom and a shelf to put the TV on. Mind you, this was Wal Mart furniture bought! And now I have to take on this new Health insurance note every month; I find myself thinking, I shouldn't have bought that furniture. And I feel guilty, like I splurged or something.
Any advice would be appreciated, or just to hear that someone else out there is in the same boat as us.
Blog ya later!


Monkey Giggles said...

amen sista.....It is my belief...people tend to live way beyond their means...on credit...You sound like you have a great head on your shoulders.

Carla said...

We are a family of 6 living on my husbands income. We got way over our heads with credit and now we buy the the things we need, not always the things we want. The goal was to have mommy home and that won't last forever. When you buy more stuff you just seem to want more stuff and so you need more money to buy more stuff....:)